Programming Languages

SQL (High proficiency)

CTEs, window functions, REGEX, wrangling dates and timezones, data wrangling and cleaning, writing macros with Jinja

Python (Proficient)

Parsons, requests & APIs, data wrangling and cleaning, analysis, data visualization with seaborn, container scripts in Civis


Data Tools

  • Redshift

  • dbt

  • Civis Platform

  • EveryAction

  • Airtable

  • Periscope

  • Postgres

Progressive Tools

  • Mobilize America

  • Spoke

  • ThruTalk

  • Empower

  • Strive

  • Ballot Ready


Building ETL/ELT pipelines, setting up syncs between external systems and a data warehouse, cleaning messy datasets in both SQL and Python, working with organizers to track program goals, dashboarding, project and team management, CRM migration and set up, working with APIs

Example Projects

A Faster Welcome Text

Research shows that it is 60x more effective at activating a new member if you welcome them within 15 minutes than within 24 hours. Currently, EveryAction's automation feature does not support this. I engineering a python script to text new contacts to our list within 15 minutes

(Coming Soon) Green Jobs Database 

Collaboration with Kyle Gracey & Data for Progress to pair existing green jobs research with Bureau of Labor Statistics data to better visualize jobs created by ambitious climate policy. 

Code Library

Open Source library of useful code for common progressive tools.

Sync EveryAction Demographic Data

EveryAction does not include race and gender in their commercial Pipeline sync. Instead, I engineered a custom sync to bring in demographic data to our Redshift warehouse.


HGL Panel (Downscaling + Decentralization + Empowerment = Winning)

2021, Election Tech  Debrief

Progressive Analytics 101

2020, Smith College, ENV 201 Class


Data Director
Sunrise Movement

Sunrise hired me as their first Data Director at the beginning of January 2020 to lead their new data team. I led a CRM migration from Action Network to EveryAction in three months flat, and within the next few months had shifted the overwhelming majority of Sunrise's organizers to use our data systems.


I built out Sunrise's data infrastructure for Sunrise School, our remote leadership training program, giving Sunrise staff data driven insight into their organizing for the first time ever

I then went on to co-lead Sunrise's presidential and downballot targeting strategy and lead our electoral data work, which encompassed phones, texts, relational, and hand-written postcards. For the first time ever, Sunrise was able to accurately report the number of voters we reached across all our modes of organizing for our field work

Senior Policy Analyst
Data for Progress

I was the first person in the country to gain access to the raw AVR data from the Secretary of State offices, and produced a novel method of comparing state reported AVR opt-out rates.


I also worked on a short-term grant to research the jobs created by the Green New Deal and the demographics of the people who would have those jobs, focusing on race, gender, age, and geography.


Development Manager
New Era Colorado

Though I was hired on to the fundraising team, I quickly established myself as a tech-savvy, data-driven organizer. I would jump from attending a major donor meeting to analyzing our small-dollar donor data in R to optimize our monthly giving program to helping organizers with their Google Sheets. 


Executive Director
Engineers for a Sustainable World

Engineers for a Sustainable World is a nonprofit network made up of people passionate about technical sustainability from all across the world. I lead a volunteer staff of 30 and oversee a network of over 1,750 young engineers at 45 collegiate and professional chapters.

At ESW, created two national programs. The first being Build Day, a national program to build more sustainable communities by empowering neighborhoods to gather and complete one-day builds. Since April 2018, we have reached over 500 people through our two Build Day pilot programs


I also developed the Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge that pairs student teams with local organizations to collaborate on solutions that build resilience to climate change.


In additional to my programmatic work, I handled the tech for the organization. I initiated the migration from CiviCRM to Nationbuilder, including setting up the design of the site with customized coding and establishing and maintaining the entire back end of database.



Smith College

Bachelor of Science

Northampton, MA

Activities and Societies: Engineers for a Sustainable World, Society of Women Engineers, Social Justice & Equity Committee, K-12 STEM Education Outreach Volunteer, Volunteer at Interfaith Cot Homeless Shelter



Springboard Data Science Bootcamp

6-month intensive boot camp

Graduated from Springboard’s 6-month Data Science Career Track program and completed curriculum in Python for Data Science, Data Wrangling, Data Storytelling, Inferential Statistics, and Machine Learning. I specialized in Deep Learning and built a neural network to classify rooftops for satellite imagery to promote rooftop solar energy.