I'm a data driven problem solver dedicated to advancing progress in climate and politics.

This is me

I'm here to solve problems. Whether it's mapping out a process for transferring your data from one CRM to the next, designing a dashboard that communicates exactly what your team need to know in a split second, or creating a culture where even your most tech-adverse organizer is committed to entering their data the correct way  - I have the tools to solve whatever challenge you throw my way.

Data analytics  Building a data driven culture
A/B email testing 

 Digital fundraising Data visualization

Field experimentation   

 CRM migration  Machine learning

I advise nonprofits 
and campaigns on data strategies that work.

Here's some highlights from my work:

Analysis & Experimentation

  • Analyzed monthly member fundraising data and identified three "low hanging fruit" that the nonprofit could do to double it's monthly revenue within a couple of months.

  • Created a nonprofit's first A/B email testing program from scratch, including: training the Email Director on how to conduct an A/B test, calculating the nonprofit's email and fundraising benchmarks, and engineered a workflow in Civis to automatically calculate the results of the A/B test.

  • Matched a 250,00+ email list to the voter file and analyzed the racial, gender, age, and socio-economic class demographics of the list, including a significance test against the demographics of the U.S. population.


  • Led 3 different CRM migrations for youth-led environmental nonprofits, and thus have experience with CiviCRM, NationalBuilder, Action Network, and EveryAction (and Airtable if you count that as a CRM). 

  • Project managed the transition from an Action Network/Airtable/Google Sheets build to an advanced EveryAction multiple subcommittee build with c3, c4, PAC IE, and PAC coordinated firewalls to completion in 3 months. 

  • Advised multiple small up and coming organizations on the best CRM for their tech needs and budget. 

Social Innovation & Nonprofit Leadership  

  • Executive Director of a national chapter-based environmental nonprofit with thousands of members at 21.

  • Created and launched Build Day, a national program to build more sustainable communities by empowering neighborhoods to gather and complete one-day builds.  

  • Developed the Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge, a 9-month program that mentors and trains interdisciplinary teams of college students to design innovative solutions to build climate resiliency. 

  • Was one of 24 leaders in the United States selected for the U.S. Grassroots Accelerator for Women Environmental Leaders, a joint accelerator from the Sierra Club and Women's Earth Alliance.

Podcasts &

Media Features

Occasionally I get to nerd out about young people's place in the climate movement, how data can transform fundraising, and my personal journey in this movement. 


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